telke jungjohann
22767 hamburg



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Telke Jungjohann is a photographer based in Hamburg, Germany.
Since 2019 she has been studying visual communication design with a focus on photography at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. She is a documentary and portrait photographer who concentrates on issues in society, everyday social life and intimacy in relation to her personal self - all through an artistic female perspective.

04/2022–05/2022 callme#6 | group exhibition | organization and curation | Wartenau16, Hamburg (DE)
06/2022 Triennale der Photographie | group exhibition | »ich bin nicht mutig« | Neues Amt Altona, Hamburg (DE)
06/2022 Call it a day | group exhibition and performance art | »ich bin nicht mutig« | Frappant Galerie, Hamburg (DE)

09/2022–10/2022 tell me why | group exhibition | »Mehl von Wind und Wellen« | Neues Amt Altona, Hamburg (DE)
11/2022 add art | group exhibition | »ich bin nicht mutig« and »Mehl von Wind und Wellen« | Handelskammer, Hamburg (DE)
11/2022 add art | group exhibition | »ich bin nicht mutig« and »Mehl von Wind und Wellen« | you GmbH, Hamburg (DE)

28.04. – 07.05.2023 Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie | group exhibition | curation and »Danach ist immer zu viel« | Mathildenhöhe, Darmstadt (DE)
02. + 03.06.2023 Lunatic Festival für Musik, Kunst & Kultur | group exhibition | Universitätsallee 1, Lüneburg (DE)
14.07. – 16.07.2023 These days are not days but strange symptoms | group exhibition | »Danach ist immer zu viel« | kultur&gut, Hamburg (DE)

09/2022 exhibition catalogue »tell me why«
11/2022 magazin »Szene Hamburg« 
03/2023 magazin for fashion and photography »Neemodsch«
04/2023 exhibition catalogue »Von Steinen und Glashäusern« (Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie)

2022 »add art« award for young art