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Telke Jungjohann (*1994) is a photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. She holds a B.A. in visual communication with a focus on photography and is currently aiming for her Master’s Degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. In addition, since March 2024 she is part of the master class at the Ostkreuzschule for Photography in Berlin.
She is a documentary and portrait photographer who concentrates on issues in society, everyday social life and intimacy in relation to her personal self. In her work, she creates visual worlds which she explores with an associative and subjective approach – all through an artistic female perspective.

04/2022–05/2022 callme#6 | group exhibition | organization and curation | Wartenau 16, Hamburg (DE)
06/2022 Triennale der Photographie | group exhibition | »ich bin nicht mutig« | Neues Amt Altona, Hamburg (DE)
06/2022 Call it a day | group exhibition and performance art | »ich bin nicht mutig« | Frappant Galerie, Hamburg (DE)

09/2022–10/2022 tell me why | group exhibition | »Mehl von Wind und Wellen« | Neues Amt Altona, Hamburg (DE)
11/2022 add art | group exhibition | »ich bin nicht mutig« and »Mehl von Wind und Wellen« | Handelskammer, Hamburg (DE)
11/2022 add art | group exhibition | »ich bin nicht mutig« and »Mehl von Wind und Wellen« | you GmbH, Hamburg (DE)
04/2023–05/2023 Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie | group exhibition | curation and »Danach ist immer zu viel« | Mathildenhöhe, Darmstadt (DE)
06/2023 Lunatic Festival für Musik, Kunst & Kultur | group exhibition | »ich bin nicht mutig« | Universitätsallee 1, Lüneburg (DE)
07/2023 These Days Are Not Days But Strange Symptoms | group exhibition | »Danach ist immer zu viel« | kultur&gut, Hamburg (DE)
05/2024 Alles was wir haben | group exhibition | »Ich habe so lange gewartet, dass...« | Masterklasse 2023 | Jupiter, Hamburg (DE)

09/2022 exhibition catalogue »tell me why«
11/2022 magazin »Szene Hamburg« 
04/2023 exhibition catalogue »Von Steinen und Glashäusern« (Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie 2023)
06/2024 magazin for fashion and photography »Neemodsch«

2022 »add art« award for young art